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La Distribution's mission is to help users install and manage web applications on their own space.

Because La Distribution features out of the box things like 1-Click Install and Single Sign On, installing web applications is painless and accessible to everyone. Everything that was complicated and boring is now just simple.

The ultimate goal of the project is to promote a decentralized Internet, help users escape proprietary platforms and take back control of their digital life.

We're only getting started…


La Distribution's catalog is made of packages, available from repositories, similar to Linux distros in this principles.

In a distributed manner, anyone can create his repository and make packages available to other users.

More infos about the catalog.


Applications are commonly managed through a web administration panel, which is either pre-installed by the hosting provider, or to be installed by the user.

From this administration panel, applications can be very easily installed, in 1 click and 5 seconds, with no need for any technical knowledge whatsoever.

The panel allows you to manage the whole application life-cycle: installation, configuration, themes, extensions, backup, restore, updates, uninstallation.


La Distribution can be easily installed on common PHP/MySQL hosting providers. Read the detailed installation procedure.

However, we think the technology we develop is made to be pre-installed by hosting providers, so that mainstream users don't have to handle strange things like FTP, chmod and MySQL.

This is the reason why we ourselves operate an experimental hosting service. Its name is and it is currently in private beta, by invitation only.


La Distribution is still a young project, and the more it will be tested in various environments and situations, the better it will become. We're enthusiastically waiting for your bug reports, your ideas, big or small. Each of these simple contributions will be big steps forward for the project.

Also, the usefulness of La Distribution will grow with the number of packages available. This is why we really waiting for contributions in this area. Any ideas? Browse and complement the application list.

For more informations about the development, check out our Trac.


La Distribution is a project conceived and developed by François Hodierne through the company h6e.

The source of La Distribution is made available to the public under the MIT and GPL licenses, allowing anybody to do nearly anything with it.

Enterprises or individuals, if you want to support us, you can make a donation through Paypal. The money will be integrally reinvested in new developments and packaging of new applications.

Don't hesitate to contact us by email for any inquiries:
contact at ladistribution dot net

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