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Both Europe and America are still under control of the giant wig mainstream market, its several major brands have different levels were increased. Not long ago, wigs acquired the domestic market brand ranked first in the United States that mask, showing that it is not limited to today's achievements.

Worldwidely, cheap wigs also proposed to add billions of consumer targets, and as a representative of the emerging markets, the Chinese market is the top priority. With many multinational consumer goods companies, which are also being actively involved in second and third tier cities to deepen the channel layout, and the importance of e-commerce channels.

Wig over the wig brand in the year, this result partly reflects the company's human consumption upgrade - compared with the wig for locating public household consumption layer, the wig is taking the route more biased fashion personality. After the launch of the men's series and more upscale sub-brand cheap wigs series, once again relying on brand diversification strategy to meet the consumer grass is always greener mentality. Outside the top ten brands ranked first, select “other” accounting for up to 22.64%, reflecting the existence of the market with a number of different levels of consumption capacity, product demand, brand preference and other consumer division of the interval .

As a market scale is expanding category of male cheap wigs market is becoming another focus of the company each day of competition. Changes in consumer demand and diversification is also becoming a force larger companies to develop new niche markets. Cheap wigs super channel sales strategy driven by display in these two years to obtain a more significant effect.

Sensitive to the price factor has been considered the main factors influencing people to choose cleaning supplies. Still, the Blue Moon in this year's survey was to 13.62% of the share into the top three, which is not cheap by exchange. Have emerged as a market challenger blue moon, to concentrate on the development of the wig through this niche market, with a new class succeeded in breaking the monopoly of the two giants Procter & Gamble and Unilever, market share in recent years all the way up again in a traditional market in the verification of that irrefutable truth: innovators win.

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