June 23rd, 2010

Danube Released

Today, Danube, our new release is officially ready for prime time.

It’s obviously our best release to date, and it’s amazing, you should definitely try it!

The new features were covered in an earlier blog post, here are the most interesting improvements:

We plan to cover most of this features in separate posts, so keep an eye on this blog in the next days.

I wish you a nice summer and long life to La Distribution!

How to get it?

Fresh install

To do a fresh install, retrieve the web installer, upload it on your server as installer.php, then execute it through your web browser. You can find more detailed instructions on our wiki.


“Concorde”, our previous release, is now discontinued and you are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.

To upgrade, retrieve the updated web installer, upload it on your server as installer.php (replace the earlier one if you haven’t erased it before), then execute it through your web browser. It’s still that simple!


Finally, for the lazy guys (yes, you), we set up a sandbox to quickly test La Distribution. It’s available over this URL http://sandbox.appslots.com/ with sandbox/sandbox or demo/demo as login/password. Warning, having multiple users playing with it at the same time can result in strange things, and we’ll reset everything on this install as necessary.

Thanks !

Thank to this people for their nice support during Danube development cycle: RETFU, keusta, François Bureau, Charles Nepote, Pierre-Antoine Champin, dcoeurjo, the Upian team and especially Hans Lemuet, Maxime Q., Krome. Be sure your feedback is always appreciated!

Photo: Mode2 Mural Art by urbanartcore.eu (licence CC BY-NC-SA)

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