July 20th, 2009

The 3 flavors of La Distribution

Depending on your profile and your needs, you might be interested in different flavors of La Distribution. The purpose of this article is to clarify the differences between these flavors to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Current Stable Release: Barbès

The stable release is the one you get when you’re installing La Distribution with the default Web Installer. In this flavor, La Distribution is updated time to time (like your OS) and you should enjoy the most stable experience. When updates are available, you’re notified in the dashboard and encouraged to upgrade.

To install this flavor, just grab the web installer script, upload it as installer.php where you want to perform the installation, adjust directory permissions and run it through your web browser. That’s all.

This release is made of two package repositories: ‘main’ & ‘contrib’. The first contains the core application and packages that pass our quality requirements. The second is optional and contains more but less advanced packages.

The two URIs for the Barbès release repositories are:

http://ladistribution.net/repositories/barbes/contrib/ (optional)

Edge Rolling Release

With the edge version, La Distribution is updated almost daily and you will always have fresh packages. You may encounter issues, but this is why this flavor is made for: find bugs.

To get this flavor, you should do the regular install and replace the default repository URIs by these ones.

http://ladistribution.net/repositories/edge/contrib/ (optional)

We encourage every enthusiasts to use this version, and report bugs as they occur.

SVN trunk

Finally, for developers or advanced users, if you want to synchronize directly with the development, you can now use subversion.

Just checkout the trunk, make some directories writable by your web server and execute installer.php through your web browser.

svn co http://ladistribution.net/svn/trunk/ ld
sudo chmod 777 ld ld/admin ld/lib ld/css ld/js ld/shared

Once done, to follow La Distribution’s development, remember to svn update your copy time to time.

Note that this only concerns La Distribution’s core packages (admin, libraries, …), application packages (wordpress, dokuwiki, …) will come from the repositories defined in your configuration. Building applications packages from SVN is of course possible but will be covered in a future blog post!

So, now that you chose your flavor, maybe it’s time to test La Distribution?

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